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“Education is the most vital resource of our nation, which enables us to remain competitive in the future. Education does not begin with the start of school but from the very beginning: at the time of birth.”

Dr. Ilse Wehrmann

Titelseite Newsletter 2

Wehrmann Education Consulting - bundesweite Auf- und Ausbauberatung für betriebliche Kindertagesstätten

Dr. Ilse Wehrmann berät mit Ihrer Firma bundesweit Unternehmen beim Aufbau betrieblicher Kindertagesstätten. Einen detaillierten Überblick über die bis heute betreuten Standorte erhalten Sie über folgenen Link:

Partnership for a great goal:
The wellbeing of children and the balance of family and work.

The issue of education, the job market, and the family is a general social responsibility that will increasingly gain in importance in the future. For this we also need a corporate culture which actively contributes to a positive work-life balance. This kind of culture is the main prerequisite for harmonizing companies’ productivity, the social fabric, and the life planning of male and female employees.

With my long standing professional experience I apply my entire energy towards ensuring that this responsibility is taken seriously by all actors in our society – by public organizations and in particular by companies. This undertaking must not fail because of the (insufficient) financial strength of the public sector.

In this respect, business and industry can act more swiftly and flexibly. In Daimler AG, RWE AG, Gerry Weber International AG, VW AG and Telekom AG I have won corporate groups that have taken on a leadership role with the establishment of their own child care centers and are setting new standards in the exercise of political responsibility for families... and, not least, are also building up their image as socially responsible companies in th e process.

It is my hope that the companies’ model initiatives of setting up company-operated child care facilities will encourage other companies to follow suit in the same direction. I would be happy to provide professional advice to this end.

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